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Volunteering with MANA de San Diego is crucial to the heart of our organization. From its inception, our foundation has thrived on the dedicated and passion of volunteers who played an integral role in building and sustaining our mission. Their commitment has been the driving force behind the success of our various programs and initiatives. Whether contributing on a one-time basis or exploring ongoing opportunities, volunteers bring diverse skills and perspectives that enrich our organization’s impact. 

MANA de San Diego acknowledges that our strengths lies in the collective efforts of those who generously give their time. As we continue our mission, we actively welcome new volunteers, recognizing that their contributions are essential in fostering change within our community. 

To volunteer, it is required that you are a member of MANASD.

To join, please visit our membership page. 

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Wondering what the best volunteer opportunity with us is the right fit for you? We’ve got you covered. Fill out this Member Interest Form to let us know your interests and hobbies. We will contact you and match you with the best fit. 

Volunteer Resources:

Help us help Latinas achieve success

Together, through our mentorship programs, scholarships and leadership events, we can make a positive difference in the Latino community.