Additional Volunteer Opportunies

Become a MANA de San Diego Ambassador

Volunteering as an ambassador for MANA de San Diego offers an unparalleled chance to make a meaningful impact within the community. It extends beyond event participation, serving as a conduit for the organization’s core values of leadership, service, and advocacy for Latinas. Each engagement presents an opportunity to amplify voices, foster solidarity, and inspire progress. By actively representing MANA, ambassadors become catalysts for change, embodying empowerment and facilitating connections that uplift and empower Latinas. Through their dedicated efforts, they contribute to the collective advancement of the community, leaving a lasting imprint on those they serve.

Be a Speaker

Being a speaker as a professional member of MANA de San Diego is an opportunity to leverage expertise and passion for the betterment of Latinas. It transcends mere presentation, becoming a platform for advocacy, education, and empowerment. By sharing insights and experiences, speakers offer guidance and inspiration, igniting transformative change within the community. With each engagement, they embody the organization’s commitment to leadership development and community service, empowering Latinas to pursue their goals and aspirations. As representatives of MANA, speakers play a crucial role in advancing the organization’s mission and fostering a culture of support and growth for Latinas.

* To become a speaker, you must be a professional member of MANA de San Diego. To update or look at our membership levels please visit our membership page

Please contact if you are interested in these opportunities! 

Help us help Latinas achieve success

Together, through our mentorship programs, scholarships and leadership events, we can make a positive difference in the Latino community.