2022 - 2023 Annual Report

2022 - 2023
Annual Report

Dr. Inez González Perezchica

Executive Director

A Message from the Executive Director

I am excited to share with you MANA de San Diego’s (MANASD) new mission statement: transforming communities by empowering Latinas to achieve upward mobility and a better quality of life.

MANASD is moving from an established organization to a mature one with close to four decades of history.  Hence, our efforts have focused on institutionalizing policies, procedures, and practices; from staff handbooks and program curricula to Board governance. It is important to document our impact, by measuring programmatic outcomes.

This is also a time for realignment and growth. Growth comes from engaging more of our members as community volunteers. It comes from expanding our collaboration with our community partners. Growth comes from advocacy. When Latinas succeed, their families also move forward, and our entire region benefits.

I hope you take the time to read our report. Together with our volunteers, community partners, members, and staff, we are making important contributions to San Diego.

Thank you for being part of our beloved community.

We are excited to introduce the newly revised mission, vision, and values for MANASD. Thank you to our staff, volunteers, board and the consultants at San Diego Social Venture Partners that have worked hard on creating these new statements to guide our organization into the future.


Celebrating 35 years of the Hermanitas Program transforming lives!

Latina Success Spotlight

Daniela & Camila

Daniela and Camila are Hermanitas standouts and real life sisters that have benefitted from the long-time partnership between MANASD and the Girl Scouts. Both sisters participated in Girl Scouts Troop 5912 and were encouraged by their troop leader to join the Hermanitas Program. Since joining Hermanitas, both sisters have engaged in educational activities, leadership development, and community service while maintaining an excellent academic record.

Both sisters have earned recognition as emerging leaders, with Daniela earning a Gold Award in June 2023, the highest award within the organization, and Camila’s community service project approved by the Girl Scouts Gold Award Committee in November 2022. MANASD plans to expand our partnership with Girl Scouts to have other Hermanitas explore more community service and leadership development work aligned with the Gold Award.

College Success

as compared to 20% of first-gen college students in general population who complete their degree

Latina Success Spotlight


Daisy is a MANASD Scholarship recipient and herMANA standout! After moving to San Diego to begin a graduate program in Sociology at SDSU, Daisy heard about MANASD in 2022 and became a member. Through MANASD, Daisy has connected to a comunidad of Latinas that have encouraged and assisted her in reaching goals.

In 2022, Daisy became a MANASD scholarship recipient, receiving financial support that covered her graduate school applications as she applied to doctoral programs. In 2023, Daisy completed her Master’s degree AND was accepted into the doctoral program in Education at the University of California, Riverside, where she pursue her dream of becoming a professor to assist other students of color.


Thank you to Community Health Group for being the major sponsor of MANASD scholarships for the past 3 years.

Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP)

LSLP alumnae are:

SDG&E Partnership - LSLP Grad Spotlight


Leticia is a long-time herMANA (sister)and rising star at SDG&E. She has volunteered her time and talents to MANASD since 2015, including in her recent role as co-chair of the College Success program committee. By supporting Latina youth and young adults through MANASD, as well as participating in the signature Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP) in 2018, Leticia learned to develop her confidence and leadership skills. After 10 years at SDG&E and shortly after completing LSLP, Leticia earned her first promotion to a supervisory position, giving her the perfect opportunity to put those leadership skills to use every day in the workplace.

Leticia is a 2018 LSLP Graduate and new Business Planning Manager at SDG&E 

Leticia has continued to grow at SDG&E, earning four promotions in the past five years, including being recently named to her current position as Business Planning Manager. SDG&E has not only supported Leticia’s growth but also that of over a dozen other MANASD members who are SDG&E employees and the two participants in our College Success program that obtained critical career relevant work experience through paid internships and entry level positions at the company. Thank you SDG&E for your long-time commitment to MANASD and Latina success!

A special thank you to the Witness The Fitness and InIt2GiveIt Teams who have earned thousands of dollars in grants to support MANA de San Diego scholarships during the past four years.


Celebrating Latinas, Raising Awareness

Latina Friendly Workplace Awareness

During our 2022 Latina Success Conference, MANASD bestowed its first Latina Friendly Workplace Award to California Coastal Credit Union in recognition of its policies, practices, and workplace culture that are creating an environment where Latinas can thrive and achieve upward social mobility. For more about the award and 2022 recipient, check out the video to the right.

Inaugural MANASD Latina Friendly Workplace Award
California Coast Credit Union Award Recipient
Latina Legacy Luncheon

Annual MANASD Legacy Luncheon

The Latina Legacy Luncheon was created to honor the significant contributions of Latinas in our region. We come together during Women’s History Month to celebrate Latinas who are making an impact in our community, locally and statewide. For more about our 2022 and 2023 Legacy Luncheon’s check out our full report or our Events page.
MANASD Programs, Partnerships, Advocacy, and Events

Promoting Latina Upward Mobility and a Better Quality of Life

check out our events and media pages

check out our events and media pages


Our impactful programming and events would not be possible without our amazing Staff, Board, Programs Leadership Council and Volunteers!

Read a Message from our

Director of Programs

Some words from our

Board President

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Read a Message from our Director of Programs

Valerie Gomez
Director of Programs

As we reflect on the successes of this past year, it is important to celebrate the remarkable development of our programs and the individuals that helped us achieve that progress. Our success and ability to achieve our mission is thanks to the combined work of our volunteers, community partners, and staff. This growth of our programs this past year has included exciting changes in the Hermanitas Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program, College Success Program (formerly Tias), Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP), Scholarship Program, and our newly established STEM Pathways Initiatives. We take immense pride in the accomplishments we have witnessed among our program participants. Students in our Hermanitas Program have not only gained valuable guidance and support from accomplished mentors but have also discovered their own voices and unique strengths. Through our College Success Program, we have seen and been part of assisting young Latinas overcoming obstacles, navigating higher education with confidence, and setting their sights on promising careers. LSLP has nurtured a new generation of empowered leaders, equipped with the skills, vision, and passion to make a difference in their communities. Finally, our STEAM Pathways Initiatives have ignited curiosity, creativity, and innovation among students across our programs, fostering their engagement in fields that Latinas have traditionally been underrepresented. These accomplishments are a testament to the dedication of our participants, the unwavering support of their families, and the commitment of our volunteers and staff to create impactful programs that uplift and inspire. As we reflect on these successes, we are inspired to continue our mission to transform communities by empowering Latinas to achieve upward social mobility and a better quality of life. In the coming years, we hope to continue implementing a holistic approach through our programs that addresses the diverse needs of the individuals, families, and communities we serve.
Some words from our Board President

Claudia Rempel
MANA de San Diego Board President

After becoming an active MANASD volunteer in 2016, I went on to complete the Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP) in 2018 and joined the board in 2019. I am proud to be an LSLP alumna and honored to serve as the President of this very special organization since 2022. Last year we successfully completed our three-year strategic plan where we institutionalized procedural manuals, shifted our programs and events to meet the needs of the current climate, and took a stronger stance on advocacy issues. We also created a Board Development Committee that established a fair and consistent board recruitment process that is aligned with the needs of the board and organization; through this process we onboarded four new board members who were voted-in unanimously at the 2022 Annual Meeting. For the remaining two years of my Presidency, my vision is to continue maturing the organization by focusing on board governance, ensuring sound programmatic and fiscal management of the organization, and strengthening MANASD through enhanced partnerships with other regional MANA chapters. Thank you to our staff, board members, dedicated volunteers, members, and sponsors for your continued dedication to MANASD. Together we are stronger!

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For information on how to become a volunteer, community partner, or a member of our beloved community, please call 619-297-0115, email us at manasd@manasd.org, or click on the link below.

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