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Join our Committees!

Joining one of our committees is a fantastic way to volunteer and give back to our community. We offer a variety of committees tailored to different interests, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone. The time commitment varies, with some committees meeting once a month and others twice monthly. We encourage you to explore and learn more about each committee. For any questions, please contact

Advocacy Committee

The role of the Advocacy Committee is to support the mission of MANA de San Diego, organizations and groups that seek our input on issues that impact members, families and community. The Advocacy Committee is comprised of volunteer MANA members.

Latina Success Committee

Their goal is to focus on educating the community by providing a forum for sharing of information and ideas in the most promising practices found in career, finance, business, leadership, and healthy living. They do so by planning and executing the bi-ennial Latina Success Conference, a 200+ person conference aimed at educating and empowering Latinas as well as the Latina Success Leadership Program.

Hermanitas Leadership Team (HLT)

Their goal is to develop partnerships with San Diego county public schools in order to identify and empower ~60 Hermanitas through a curriculum that helps Hermanitas to successfully complete High School and to pursue Higher education, and develop a lifelong commitment to MANA. The Hermanitas Leadership Team consists of current and former Hermanitas Mentors who have been in the mentor role for a minimum of 1 year.

Marketing Committee

The purpose of MANA de San Diego's Marketing Committee is to increase awareness of MANASD's mission and programs, engage diverse audiences in supporting Latina empowerment, and amplify the voices of our beneficiaries. We aim to develop MANA de San Diego's brand, cultivate strategic partnerships, and utilize digital marketing channels effectively. We strive to accomplish our purpose through compelling storytelling, community involvement, educational outreach, and promotion of community events, while ensuring cultural relevance and measuring the effectiveness of our marketing efforts to ensure our success.

Membership Committee

Their goal is to work alongside the Membership and Events Coordinator to oversee and implement the organization’s membership outreach and recruitment efforts. They help to plan and implement a dynamic calendar of events, in support of MANA members including but not limited to networking breakfasts; annual membership meeting; MANA Pláticas (talks); annual Holiday Party.

TIAS Committee

To increase the retention and graduation rates of program participants and to support their post-graduation success.

Scholarship Committee

Their goal is to provide leadership in establishing standard operating procedures to implement the scholarship program. They provide assistance in distributing thousands of dollars from the MANA Scholarship Program to Latinas pursuing higher education. Solicit and review scholarship applications. Identify eligible scholarship recipients. Assist in planning the scholarship awards ceremony.

Wellness Committee

Members to achieve balance of mind, body, and soul by providing wellness resources, and programs.