MANA de San Diego - End of Year Fundraising Campaign! 🤝

In the season of generosity and giving back, we invite you to be a catalyst for positive change by supporting our organization and community. This campaigns holds immense significance for our mission, serving as the key for the sustenance and expansion of crucial programs and initiatives. You contribution is instrumental in helping us transforms communities by empowering Latinas to achieve upward mobility and a better quality of life. Join us in making a difference — give now and make a difference today. 

Unrestricted Support 🙌

Unrestricted Support provides the utmost flexibility for the utilization of your funds. MANA de San Diego can allocate these contributions to the areas where they are most needed, ensuring an effective response to the dynamic needs of our community. 

Make A Difference Today

College Success Emergency Fund 🔧

This campaign seeks to ease the financial stress on our college students, offering financial assistance when life happens. By providing this support, it aims to reduce the anxiety about meeting financial responsibilities, ultimately enabling students to stay enrolled in college and propel forward. 

I'm Ready to Give

2024 Scholarships 👩🏻‍🎓

By providing financial assistance to Latinas during their pursuit of higher education, scholarships become a catalyst for equal participation in the social, educational, and economic spheres. Your support plays a pivotal role in allowing our students to reach their educational and professional goals, and strive for success. 

I'm Ready to Give