MANA National - Our History

MANA National came into existence in 1974, as the Mexican-American Women’s National Association, with the mission of giving a voice to Mexican-American women at the national, state and local level. As MANA National grew, the organization evolved into a strong and diverse group of Latinas, from the political, social and professional arenas. In 1994, in recognition of its diverse membership, the non-profit organization voted to change its name to MANA, a National Latina Organization. Currently, MANA enjoys 17 chapters in the United Sates, including MANA de San Diego. For more information visit


MANA de San Diego History - Our Story

Developing, Nurturing and Empowering Latina Leaders through Education, Leadership Development, Advocacy and Community Service

In 1986, five insightful local Latinas recognized the significant need for a unifying force – a strong Latina voice advocating for a greater Latina presence and a deeper Latina involvement in the educational, economic, political and social arenas.

These pioneering and resourceful women created that unifying force and voice by establishing the San Diego Chapter of MANA, a national Latina organization whose mission is to empower Latinas through education, leadership development, advocacy and community service.

MANA short for “Hermana”, the Spanish word for sister, is a dynamic sisterhood of Latinas bound together by common history, culture, language and goals.

MANA de San Diego is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of California in 1998. MANA is funded by membership dues, donations and the generous support of sponsors and partners. MANA de San Diego is the largest and most active MANA chapter, with more than 4,000 supporters. TAX ID: 33-0821060.

Honorary Lifetime Members:


Mary Salas

40th Mayor of Chula Vista (2014-2022)

MANASD President from 1993- 1996

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Elisa Sanchez

Founding member of MANA National in 1974. Past MANA National President & CEO, MANASD President 1992-1993

Josie Silva

Josie Silva

Founding member of MANA de San Diego, first president of MANASD 1986-1987

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