Marketing Committee

Welcome to the Marketing Committee! We’re excited to have you join our dynamic team dedicated to shaping the narrative and driving success through strategic marketing initiatives. As a member of our committee, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate on innovative campaigns, storytelling initiatives, and cultivate impactful branding strategies. From crafting compelling content to analyzing market trends, our goal is to elevate the visibility and effectiveness of our organization’s mission and offerings. Additionally, we play a pivotal role in engaging our audience, building strong relationships, and driving growth across various channels. Join us as we dive into the world of marketing and propel our organization to new heights of success.

Mission: The purpose of MANA de San Diego’s Marketing Committee is to increase awareness of MANASD’s mission and programs, engage diverse audiences in supporting Latina empowerment, and amplify the voices of our beneficiaries. We aim to develop MANA de San Diego’s brand, cultivate strategic partnerships, and utilize digital marketing channels effectively. We strive to accomplish our purpose through compelling storytelling, community involvement, educational outreach, and promotion of community events, while ensuring cultural relevance and measuring the effectiveness of our marketing efforts to ensure our success.
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Candela Delucchi

Victoria (Vicky) Chavez

Help us help Latinas achieve success

Together, through our mentorship programs, scholarships and leadership events, we can make a positive difference in the Latino community.