Anizlet Vega2

Anizlet (Annie) Vega

Advocay Co-Chair

Bea Fernandez 2

Beatrice (Bea) Fernandez

Advocacy Co-Chair

Alma Daneshi Headshot

Alma Daneshi

Wellness Co-Chair


Matilda (Tillie) Chavez

Wellness Co-Chair


Celina Caprio

HLT Co-Chair


Sorayda Santos

HLT Co-Chair

Claudia Martinez

Claudia Martinez

Scholarship Co-Chair


Adela Garcia

Latina Success Co-Chair

Lupe Buell 2016foreblast

Lupe Buell

Latina Success Co-Chair

Norma G. Jasso, Super HerMANA

Norma Jasso

Tias Co-Chair


Leticia Cervantes

Tias Co-Chair

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

Maria Hampton

Membership Chair


Candela Delucchi

Marketing Co-Chair

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

Victoria (Vicky) Chavez

Marketing Co-Chair


MANA Programs Leadership Council

We are proud to present our current Programs Leadership Council (PLC). MANA’s PLC is comprised of the volunteer leaders of the organizations, our committee chairs. This body of volunteer leaders act as representatives of our general membership and help to guide the work of MANA de San Diego while staying true to the mission of the organization. 


Help us help Latinas achieve success

Together, through our mentorship programs, scholarships and leadership events, we can make a positive difference in the Latino community.