The Hermanitas Tias Program

Our Hermanitas Tias continue to support our graduated Hermanitas in their college career. The Tias support is vital to helping graduates continue their education and succeed. A Sevilla Productions, LLC Project. Special thanks to Guillermo & Elsa Sevilla

Recognizing and understanding the unique challenges many Hermanitas face being a trailblazer in their families, MANA de San Diego supports Hermanitas Program Graduates who have reached the milestone of post-secondary education, with its MANA Tias Program: a select group of MANA Members who reach out to Hermanitas experiencing university and college life.

MANA Tias gather monthly to handwrite messages and notes of encouragement to Hermanitas. MANA Tias provide their unique perspective to Hermanitas, when a parent, friend or other family member cannot. The college and university experience can be challenging, thrilling and fun. It is a defining moment in life. But it also has its moments of doubt, anxiety and loneliness. Whether at home or in another state, in a community college or an ivy league university, MANA Tias provide Hermanitas an embrace from home — guiding them through challenges, providing encouragement and role-modeling success. Hermanitas say their connection with MANA Tias makes a meaningful difference in their lives, as they pursue their professional dreams.

Hermanitas Tias "Aunts" Program


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