Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP)

For more than 250 Latinas, the Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP) has been a beacon of exceptional leadership. Although 2024 presents unforeseen challenges leading to a temporary pause, we are committed to coming back in 2025 with a stronger and more comprehensive training program. Throughout this year, our dedication to leadership training continues with the Latina Success Conference, platicas, and specially planned activities for alumnae. Keep an eye out for exciting opportunities that we will unveil throughout the year!

Applications will open March 1, 2024.

Continuing the Latina journey to leadership.

Addressing the disturbing United States statistics that only 4% of workforce Latinas are in professional and managerial posts and less in elected offices, MANA de San Diego established the Latina Success Leadership Program to help Latinas move forward – to go further and go higher in the workforce

In 2015, in its inaugural year, the Latina Success Leadership Program debuted with four half-day sessions. Each session addresses a topic necessary to success and empowerment:


Program Dates for 2024:
June 22, July 13, August 10, September 7
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
*Light breakfast and lunch included*

Session I: Empowering your Leadership Journey-
  • Embark on a path of self-discovery and self-awareness as a Latina to align with your professional vision as a leader. This session focuses on exploring your unique leadership journey and identifying your strengths. Define short and long-term goals that will serve as the focal point for your progress in this program.

Session II: Mastering Effective Communication –

  • Communication is a fundamental leadership skill. This session explores effective communication as it pertains to Latinas. Acquire strategies for powerful listening and impactful communication, enhancing your ability to convey ideas assertively.

Session III: Personal Branding and Strategic Networking-

  • Take charge of your career by becoming your own agent. In this session, explore competencies that contribute to a sense of agency, confidence, and credibility, with a particular emphasis on personal branding. Learn the art of strategically building your network and forming key alliances, providing you with the confidence to represent and advocate for yourself effectively.

Session IV: Looking into your Future: Personal Next Steps and  Civic Engagement-

  • This session integrates your insights from the program to identify your next steps in both your career and civic life. Engage with influential leaders and elected officials to gain insights into the value of civic engagement.

$450 Individual Fee
$750 Employer Fee

In partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, the MANA de San Diego Latina Success Leadership Program presents a highly effective leadership development program, known for its proven outcomes. MANA intentionally keeps this program accessible for individuals, recognizing the program’s impact on both individual growth and organizational success. Acceptance to LSLP is competitive and to qualify you must be a MANA member.


Changing the workforce and political conversations to include Latinas.

“SDG&E encourages and supports the professional development of its employees. We continue to invest and support the participation of our employees who choose to participate in MANA de San Diego’s Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP). LSLP is an excellent investment for our employees, our company, and our community.”


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